Frequently asked questions

What items are accepted at the consignment fundraiser?

Quality children's clothing* (sizes 0 - 14), junior clothing, accessories, dress-up clothes, costumes**, uniforms, games, puzzles, computer games, videos/DVDs, toys, books for children/parenting, sports equipment, bicycles, yard toys, riding toys, activity centers, diaper bags, bathtubs, potty seats, diaper pails, changing tables, cribs, playpens, gates, baby swings, strollers, monitors, bassinets, bouncers, exersaucers, high chairs, toddler beds, bedding, nursery decor & maternity clothes will be received. * In the SPRING fundraiser, you may consign SPRING and SUMMER clothes. For spring you are limited to 5 pairs of uniform pants and 5 pairs of jeans per gender. Summer print and capris or light-weight pants are accepted. * In the FALL Fundraiser, you may consign FALL and WINTER clothes, dress-up clothes, costumes and uniforms. In the fall fundraiser, you are limited to 5 uniform shorts, 5 uniform skirts, and 5 uniform skorts per gender. ** Halloween related costumes will only be accepted in the FALL Fundraiser. Only 1 letter monograms or single name monograms are accepted and the tag must indicate there is a monogram. Cowboy and cowgirl boots are accepted in both fundraisers. Raincoats and rainboots are accepeted in both fundraisers. All items that require batteries to work must include batteries and will be tested at drop off. Stuffed animals are ONLY accepted if they are a known character or perform a function (play music, light up, etc.). DVDs, movies, and electronic games must be rated PG and under.

Are there any limits on quantity of certain items?

Yes. There is a minimum of 30 items and a maximum of 250 items. Infant clothing size 0 - 6 months are limited to 30 items per gender (accessories, such as bibs and hats are not included in the 30 item limit). For the SPRING Fundraiser, you are limited to 5 pairs of uniform pants and 5 pairs of jeans per gender. Summer print and material capris or pants will still be accepted. For the FALL Fundraiser, you are limited to 5 uniform shorts, 5 uniform skirts, and 5 uniform skorts per gender. Maternity clothing is accepted but limited to 20 items. Only 20 hairbows with individual tags (bags of bows together in one bag count as one item). No hairbow boards or displays; all hairbows will be sold out of MOPS containers. There is a limit to 5 VHS tapes per consigner. Beanie Babies and Beanie Boos are limited to a max of 20 per consigner.

What items cannot be consigned?

No face masks (new or used) will be accepted. No car seats or car seat bases (including travel systems)
No personalized items (monogram items with one letter or single name allowed)
No used bottles, sippy cups, plates, utensils, teething rings, pacifiers, and any other items used for oral needs. (If it goes in the mouth, it must be new and unopened).
No breast pumps
No hooded clothing with drawstrings
No drop side cribs No triple monogram items (single letter monograms only) No PG-13 or R movies (G or PG ONLY) or Mature rated games (E for everyone ONLY) No Rock-N-Play Sleeper Bassinets allowed due to the recall. We cannot accept any clothing that smells of cigarette smoke. Juniors clothing, shoes and accessories must be gently used juniors brand names and we cannot accept styles that are too mature for early teens.

If I am consigning, but not volunteering to work a shift, when can I shop early?

Consignors & volunteers shop early during pre-sale: - Consign + one volunteer shift = 5:00pm - Two volunteer shifts = 5:00pm (& get your Consignor fee back) - Consign only = 6:30pm - One volunteer shift = 6:30pm

Can I use a tagging gun for my tags?

Yes. If you are using a tagging gun, the tag should be attached in the under arm seam, on the right-hand side (facing you), or the orginial garment tag so there is not a hole in the clothing.

When does the system close and I can no longer input items?

The computer system closes at 11:59 PM on Sunday night. You will not be able to make any adjustments to your inventory after that. However, you can still print tags after that time.

How do I price my items to sell?

Ask yourself what you'd pay for that item. Consignment items generally sell for 30% of retail price. Be sure and consider the condition of your item.

If I am consigning, when will I receive my check?

Our goal is to have conisgnor checks ready on Saturday between 5:30pm and 7:00pm. If they're not ready at that time they will be mailed to the address with which you registered within five days. You must show your ID to pick a check and the name must match the name on the check. We cannot give checks to husbands, friends, parents, etc. Checks that are not picked up are mailed within 5 days.

I need to transfer my inventory from another sale. May I do that?

Yes, Please transfer items from other sales BEFORE entering new inventory in the MOPs system. This will prevent you from having to reprint your tags. If you do not, you will need to reprint all of your tags before drop off for those items to correctly scan. We are affliated with the following consignment sales: Boutique Repeat Vineville Baptist Second Impressions MOPS of Warner Robins Jack-n-Jill Consignment

How do I need to print my tags?

Tags must be printed on white card stock using normal quality printer settings and black ink. Please do not use your highest quality setting on your printer. This often causes the bar code to bleed or smear and this will result in a delay at the register.

What is the best way to contact MOPs during the fundraiser?

We will have a phone number available during the week of the fundraiser. We will post the number on Sunday evening before drop offs start on Monday morning. You can also contact us on our Facebook page as well, MOPS of Macon/Forsyth Children's Consignment Fundraiser.

Do y'all accept and sell face masks?

Because of the contagious nature and the sensitivity of the corona virus, we will not be accepting face masks (new or used).